Steel Stockholders Devon

Steel Stockholders in Devon

DMI Steel Stockholders Devon Division serves builders, general public & other trades with their daily requirements for beams, columns, flats, angles & channels.

A comprehensive range of stock is always available for immediate collection or delivery, items not stocked can generally be sourced next day.

In addition to stock bar steel we can offer cutting, priming, drilling and welded connections generally within a 48 hour turnaround.

Other items currently stocked –

  • Nuts,bolts & fixings
  • Mesh reinforcement & accessories
  • Threaded rod
  • Resin fixing
  • Metal primer
  • Grinding and cutting disc
  • Welding Rods
  • Packers / wedges
  • Loose cleats / brackets


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Steel stockholders Devon play a vital part in the steel construction supply chain, ensuring the market is supplied with what it needs when it is needed. From an extensive national network of depots and an efficient transportation network, we serve all parts of the UK construction supply chain.

How much structural steel is procured through a steel stockholders Devon ?
Over 65% of structural steel in Devon construction projects is supplied via a steel stockholder. Steel stockholders Devon supply a variety of products including heavy structural sections, plate, tubular sections, light sections, cladding materials, flats and angles.

A steel stockholder can supply any quantity and mix of steel required for a project. This means steel work contractors do not have to incur the additional capital cost of purchasing more steel than required on the off chance that it may be required soon, coupled with the risk and costs associated with keeping that extra material in inventory.

The relationship between the steelmaker and stockholder
Steelmakers produce steel in accordance with pre-planned rolling cycles. While these rolling schedules can vary and are influenced by product and market requirements, they need to be planned in advance. When buying directly from a steelmaker, orders must be for minimum quantities of steel in terms of weight or bundles (number of pieces) rather than matching the specific and immediate requirements of a project.